Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bjorkman: Gina’s show is fun parody – Expressen

“Gina Show” is fun parody of the television with brilliant star Gina Dirawi.

And with a nasty Lasse Kronér.

Comedy Series or documentary? Some viewers will probably be puzzled at first. This is how Gina Dirawi create “Gina’s show”, done that “reality”, a documentary with a film crew who always follows Gina Dirawi.

After the Eurovision Song Contest nag Christer Björkman directly for next year. Tenders flows into new programs, advertising, slice of Bert Karlsson.

She chooses talk show on SVT and then developed this “documentary” to a fun-operation with the television industry. The plot is slipping between truth and fiction and a number of celebrities playing themselves – or rather, its worse I.

I have seen three sections and are produced through Gina’s main competitor Lasse Kronér as a strenuous and self-absorbed FIG. The best part is that he played perfectly by just Lasse Kronér.

In smaller roles do Kristian Luuk and Peter Magnusson parody of themselves, impersonator Anna Blomberg can not help but be Lill-Babs and artist Robin Stjernberg becomes slapstick victims. Even SVT sport’s darling André Pops is grumpy.

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Gina’s family in Sundsvall and people on TV are made by actors. Really good is Johanna Wilson Gina producer Anna, a blond, icy, evil witch, and Karolina Wedin Gina’s assistant Miranda, a serious, uncertain girl,

The star of “Gina’s show” and in this Series , it’s Gina Dirawi, who plays himself stunningly safely. She has charisma and she has a natural tone that is perfect just when the action hovers between fact and fiction.

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“Gina Show” is clever, unusual entertainment, I have much pleasure in.

The contrast during the spring Saturdays are when mysfarbrorn Lasse Kronér in “Smarter than a fifth grader” half hour after turning into more than a type.


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