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The poet’s friend: “Gripping man” – Expressen

GT began Niklas Schiöler read Tomas Tranströmer.

This led to several books and a long friendship with the poet.

– I have not only enjoyed reading and analyzing his poems, they have also become a part of how I look at world, he said.

Niklas Schiöler, originally Falkirk, is a member of Skaraborgs Academy and Transtömerkännare. He felt both Tomas Tranströmer well and has written books about his work. He received the news of poet’s death from the poet’s family with great sadness.

– He was an incredibly gripping, strong and nice man. He was old and had become worse last year, so it was not so surprising, but it feels very empty.

Niklas Schiölers first encounter with the poet’s poetry was when he as 24-year-old was asked to write a review about Tranströmer book “For the living and the dead” for the GT.

– I started reading me into Tranströmer and felt that there was something missing in the books about him. It had not come to the core of his writings. So that I would spend so much time Tranströmer have enough GT a small part of.

“Hopeful outlook”

What he lacked in books about Tomas Tranströmer was that the poems are not only the amazing pictures and portrays the surprising metaphors that everyone is talking about.

– They are there, but they are set by a laid-back way of writing. You enter into a recognizable landscape, a forest walk, to open a door to another dimension. Man is more seamless than we ever imagined. He has a hopeful outlook on life. This has meant that many readers have found solace in reading his poems.

Their friendship began 20 years ago when Niklas Schiöler did his doctoral thesis on Tranströmer and was invited home to the family.

Since then they have traveled, performed and spent time in many years. He sees a similarity between Tranströmer and his poems.

– His poetry is almost completely free from the monumental, he magnified himself not. As a man, he was humble, generous and unpretentious. Although his poems may seem monstrous, they assume a rather unassuming posture.

“had great influence”

Niklas Schiöler itself has affected much of the poems.

– Yes, absolutely, his poems have a form of confidence that I, as a reader can do to mine. The poems have become part of how I see the world. It is of fundamental importance.

He says that there are many Swedish writers who become translated, but there are extremely few who have been able to influence and change literature in other major cultural language.

– He has had a great influence. When our grandchildren look back at 1900 and there are only three Swedish writer left as you remember, then he is one of them.

Will you write more books about him?

– Yes, I have not written my last word about him.


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