Friday, March 20, 2015

Nanne Grönvall had to leave the “Let’s Dance” – Aftonbladet

Tony Irving accused her of one of the simple choreography.

Nanne Grönvall became the third contestant who were forced to leave “Let’s Dance”.

– It did not go home with the jury, she said.

In the season’s fourth episode of “Let’s Dance” got the singer Nanne Grönvall partner Tobias Wallin to leave the race. After that the jury gave their scores ended up third pair last. It may have been the singer’s case, if we are to believe her.

-Tobias said all the time that only we did not finish third from bottom, for it is the toughest situation. The winner and runner-up, people tend to vote for because they think they’re going out. But third place from the bottom think people are safe, she said.

– In my sjoket you become invisible, says Tobias Wallin.

“It was a shame”

Of the jury, who gave Nanne much praise, she received critical acclaim for her jive was too simple.

– I felt that I wanted to put my stamp on dance, but it did not go home with the jury. It was a pity, she says.

Hangs not lip

But Nanne mean that it’s almost been harder to see past participants go out of the competition, but to leave it himself.

– It was so hard to see the Simon leave last week, he was so sad, she says.

And she does not hang much lip about not getting to dance further in the competition, but has already Another booked.

– I’m going to Bern and giga right now. The taxi is waiting for me, she said shortly after the end of the competition.


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