Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Persbrandt can be deleted from the “Beck” – Västerbotten Courier

Mikael Persbrandt deleted from the upcoming “Beck” films, writes Aftonbladet, referring to several independent sources.

In January last year it was clear that there will be eight new Beck movies with Peter Haber and Persbrandt in the lead roles.

Now is said to Persbrandt will not take part in the new films that remain to record.

The producer Tomas Michaelsson on Filmlance do not want to have any direct comments to the data. “We record our Beck movies according to plan. We never reveal anything about the content before the premiere because we do not want to ruin the experience for the audience, “he wrote in a text message to Aftonbladet.

TT have searched Michaelsson for comment and also searched Pers Brandt’s representative Tor- Ingemar Ehn, who greets that he no longer works with the actor.

Michael Pers Brandt’s current agent has not been possible to achieve.


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