Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nöjesbladet reveals: Max Martin gets government export – Aftonbladet

You’ve heard the translation of his finds with artists such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Now the Swedish songwriter Max Martin, 44, the Government’s Music Export.

– He is one of Sweden’s real superstars, says Mikael Damberg for Enterprise (S).

Aftonbladet can today reveal that the Government Music Export Prize for 2014 in the afternoon will go to the demo producer Max Martin , 44, whose real name is Martin Sandberg .

He must at the same time the Government’s honorary award, which is usually awarded at the same time.

Mikael Damberg is the one to hand over the government honors the music star.

– I’m thrilled and honored to Max Martin wants accept the award, he said.

– It is the first time in music export price history as the same person also gets the government’s Honorary Award. And that’s because he gave Sweden a unique position on the world map when it comes to music and music exports.

“Unintelligible success”

As the creators of some of last year’s biggest hits, including ” Dark Horse “with Katy Perry and” Shake It Off “and” Blank Space “with Taylor Swift , Max Martin one of the international music scene’s biggest names.

During the autumn noted he for his 19th number one on the US Billboard chart, only ex-Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney have had more.

– It is almost beyond belief what success he had and what a huge impact it had on Sweden as music nation. He has provided the world with hit songs that topped all the charts around the world for more than 15 years. He has been a role model and an inspiration to many and has been creating what today is called the Swedish music miracle, says Damberg.

First Aid Kit and Tove Lo among competitors

Mikael Damberg itself is the same age as the prize winner and therefore believe that Max Martin’s music followed him for much of his life.

– I’m a huge fan of Robyn , so all she done is very big for me. “Show Me Love” as Max Martin made together with her is such a big favorite, he said.

Max Martin will receive honors during a ceremony at the State Department. There he receives honor and a handmade crystal figurine.

The Music Export Prize has been around since 1997 and the jury sits representatives of politics, music industry, media and government. The award winner will through his music have contributed to the Swedish export success and helped put Sweden on the map.

Other nominees were First Aid Kit, Anders Hill Borg , Sabaton and Tove Lo .

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