Sunday, March 22, 2015

So darkened TV4 serious glitch in the “Gladiators” – Aftonbladet

It looked like Mohamed Ar-Rawi just released the rings after receiving the gladiator Delta to swim.

But according to the challenger, the truth is quite different.

– They’ve cut out a lot.

In tonight’s premiere of “Gladiators” on TV4 was Mohamed Ar-Rawi , 25, against only 19-year-old Edwin Forsgren .

In one of the moments you have to get past the gladiator by swinging on rings hanging over a pool.

Mohamed got to meet the new gladiator Delta, which quickly clung to him. 25-year-old managed to shrug Delta. Gladiator plunged into the water.

Cut off interview

Then it was just for Mohamed to swing over to gladiatorns side of the rings to score points. But instead, he released the rings almost immediately – and got a zero in the protocol.

It was in all cases where TV viewers got to see. But according to Mohamed did it in a completely different way.

– When I got down gladiator went the music and the lights in time. It indicates that the branch is over, so I was confused. I turned to the judge. He said something to me, but I did not hear him. Then I released, he said.

Afterwards Mohamed interviewed by Anders Timell . He was asked about the music started.

– He said to me: “What happened out there? Why did the music in time? “. But then it was someone from the control room who said that we would take on the interview and not about the music. But the TV did not come to the interview at all, says Mohamed.

“Declared and frustrated”

The competition ended with Mohamed had to leave the “Gladiators”. According to him, the mistake in the rings of great importance for the outcome of the program.

– I felt dejected and frustrated. I could not quite let go of it for the rest of the branches.

Now he accuses TV4 for Dark miss.

– They’ve cut out a lot. Have we done wrong you should stand for it. I feel unfairly treated. There really is not any professional action, he said.

The program seems undeniable that the lights start flashing when Mohamed hangs in the rings. The sound of the crowd falls silent also suspiciously quickly.

The rules can be changed

Pelle Porseryd is the executive producer of “Gladiators”. He says he does not remember any details on the ring incident.

– I do not remember how the sound and the light went in once or failure in time. We recorded this a few months ago, and there are very many steps.

He continues:

– It is incredibly sad it happened. He managed the branch, but was still without a point. We discussed how we would act, but decided that we had to follow the rules.

Porseryd deny that TV4 has deliberately tried to conceal the incident.

– We have thousands of people who sees everything that happens on the spot. So we can not distort reality. But everything that happens and all interviews will not fit.

For the next season, rules for the event changed.

– We have not seen anything like this before. And we want to avoid it happening again. As we discuss possible amendments to the rules, says Pelle Porseryd.


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