Saturday, March 14, 2015

The jury in trouble – if Stenmark – Aftonbladet

Ingemar Stenmark loved by viewers – but share the judges into two camps.

During yesterday’s “Let’s Dance” and he led the jury to a great brawl.

– We will have to have a really serious meeting about how to deal with this, says Tony Irving.

Ever since “Let’s Dance” -säsongen started, ski King Stenmark shared the jury deal. Ann Wilson and Dermot Clemenger has yielded several positive statements, while Tony Irving criticized him hard. After yesterday’s tango same thing happened.

And Wilson and Clemengers good criticism to Stenmark Irving got to walk the roof.


– I am very critical of my colleagues’ behavior that wrap it in silk gloves. It does not help to be nice when someone wants to get better, he said.

Irving argues that the criticism is important to Ingemar Stenmark to be developed, and think the rest of the jury are nervous to criticize watching the favorite.

– I have told Ingemar three weeks in a row what he needs to get better at, and he gets gradually better, but it’s not enough. I think I’m cut to the chase and say what he needs to improve, he said.

“He is wrong out there”

After yesterday’s broadcast had they shared the views so far gone that Tony Irving felt compelled to act.

– I think we will have to have a really serious meeting about how to deal with this for the next race, he said.

But Ann Wilson does not agree that she and Dermot Clemenger believes Stenmark in a different way than the others.

– Absolutely not, I judge all the same. For my part, there was no favoritism whatsoever. If he talks to me, he is absolutely wrong there, she says.

Personally, Ingemar Stenmark not very satisfied with her performance in the tango. In the middle of the number he dropped the choreography and the stress caused him to barely heard what the jury gave him for his assessment.

“was totally gone”

– It was five seconds that went wrong and it came as a shock. I was totally gone. It was like in a fog for me, I did not take up so much. I was quite shaky and nauseous afterwards.

Irving was pretty critical of you, what are you thinking about it?

– There was someone who said it, but I can not say anything, I know very little about dance to express an opinion on it. He said good things he has said all along.


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