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Therefore, Mikael Persbrandt “Beck” – Expressen

Now the defection confirmed.

Mikael Persbrandt leaving “Beck” series – to invest in overseas career.

“Michael has filmed clearly Beck,” writes his agent on Facebook.

The decision comes after the actor has undergone major changes in their professional lives, according to the informant.

On Wednesday Aftonbladet reported that Mikael Persbrandt leaving “Beck”.

Now confirmed the defection of the actor’s Facebook page.

“in response to speculation in the media about Mikael Persbrandt is released from Beck, we choose to only comment on this on FB. Michael has filmed clearly Beck,” writes his agent Lesa Kirk on the star’s official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Michael Pers Brandt’s international career has taken off.

It is also the reason why he is leaving the popular film series.

“Now is the focus on the international career in which he has a number of exciting projects that he is about to shoot. Personally, Michael humbly grateful for the time that has been with Beck,” writes one of the star’s Official Facebook page.

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In a Facebook post thank the actor fans.

“He would like to thank all the fans of the films and the response has been for his role as Tomstad. He also wants to thank everyone who has been involved in all these Beck films,” writes one.

According to an informant, Mikael Persbrandt and production agreed on the end, which will depend on the international roles the actor landed.

Persbrandt has also undergone major changes in their career, where he replaced its agent.

– They have agreed on this. Mikael has the more foreign films at once, and it could well not continue forever, says the informant.

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Several people from the production Expressen talked to are shocked by the news.

Asa Karlin play in the last two films.

– I heard it on the radio. It’s really unexpected, she says.

This weekend is the premiere of two new “Beck” movies on Cmore. There, Michael Pers Brandt’s character will not be printed.

Stephan Apelgren directed the films. He says he was not aware of the defection.

– It’s a bomb. I have not heard anything, he says.

The first film about Beck came in 1967, Mikael Persbrandt has since 1997 played the character Tomstad Larsson in the popular film version of Sjöwall / Wahlöös character.

In addition to “Beck” films have the actor’s international career also started to take off. In addition to The trimmed role in “The Hobbit” films, it is some time ago saying that he will participate in director Guy Ritchie’s upcoming medieval adventure “Knigths of the Round Table: King Arthur”.

He has also starred in “Alone In Berlin, “where he plays against, inter alia, Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson.

C More, which has exclusive premieres of” Beck “films that rolls out right now, have no information about the future. Any questions regarding the upcoming films, please refer to Filmlance.

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