Monday, March 30, 2015

700,000 households could lose TV channels – Sydsvenskan

In addition to Channel 5 and Channel 9 also disappears Eurosport, Channel 11, Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC.

– From 1 April, we risk no longer able to broadcast some channels from SBS. The reason is simply that we can not accept the conditions SBS sets, as they go completely against our customers’ behavior and preferences, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

She believes that television company makes demands on To get package their channels in a way that means less choice for customers. How the packaging looks and what channels the case she does not want to comment on.

– It is very sad that the information is coming out so late, but it’s simply that we have tried to reach agreement at the last minute.

If the two parties can not agree and SBS range thus assumes Telia subscription, customers affected will be offered other channels to compensate for the shortfall. Irene Krohn understand that viewers want the channels they have ordered, but hope that they will choose other channels of their choice instead.

Dan Panas says he can not comment on the specific hearing, but emphasizes the company’s work with programs like “Rock & amp; Meltzer” and “Ullared” as well as foreign series like “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead”.

– We are passionate about doing television and we have a long history of to do. We put blood, sweat, tears and great program budgets to make good television. We want everything we committed to making television programs also should be valued with justice. I can not talk specifically about Telia, but in this kind of conversation we want of course to have a fair valuation.


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