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Janne Schaffer’s grief after the death of Porcaros – Expressen

Mike Porcaro, bassist Toto, passed away on Saturday night .

Now, says Janne Schaffer about the bassist that he once played with.

– I will remember him with great reverence, said Schaffer.

Mike Porcaro, bassist of the legendary rock band, Toto lost his battle with the disease ALS during Saturday night. He died surrounded by his family.

It was his brother and band colleague, keyboardist Steve Porcaro, who announced the tragic news on Facebook.

Our brother Mike died peacefully in his sleep around 0:04 yesterday evening at home surrounded by his family. Rest in peace, my brother , “writes Steve Porcaro.

Even Steven Lukather, guitarist and lead singer of Toto, went out of his Facebook page to tell us about the tragic news.

My brother Mike Porcaro now rests in peace. I will miss him more than I could ever put into words. My deepest love of family ‘, skiver Lukather.

Janne Schaffer: “Incredibly sad”

Now tell Swedish Janne Schaffer about their memories of Mike Porcaro. Porcaro was one of the musicians on Janne Schaffer’s album “Earmeal” from 1978th ​​

– It is incredibly sad. I knew he was sick but it’s always terrible when it happens, says Schaffer.

He met Mike Porcaro first time in 1977 when they recorded “Earmeal” even Porcaros father Joe and brothers Jeff and Steve was with and was a guest on the disc.

– Mike was a bit reclusive like that and played beautiful. Very quick in perception and felt like a soft and sensitive person. He had a tremendous skill, says Schaffer.

played in the super hit “Africa” ​​

Porcaro is considered one of the world’s best bassists of all time and was very engaged as a studio musician.

– Mike put a stamp on the Toto songs. He played the course on all the songs as well, “Rosanna” and “Africa”. He was a rock.

Janne Schaffer and Mike Porcaro was unfortunately not in touch after they worked together with Schaffer continued to follow Porcaros career and feel incredibly proud to have been playing with him.

– I will remember him with great reverence and esteem, and I think of his family. I hope the music lives on in any case, says Janne.

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