Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anger online after notice of Persbrandt – Expressen

The news that Mikael Persbrandt can be printed from the upcoming ” Beck “films have achieved social media.

And the anger is great.

” Where do I sign the petition? No Beck without Persbrandt! ” writes a user on Twitter.

Overall, it will be eight new “Beck” movies in the ongoing round with Peter Haber, 62, at the Martin Beck in the lead role.

The latest, “The Invasion”, premiered at the C More on Saturday.

But after the first four films have Haber cope without coupplehorse Mikael Persbrandt, 51st

In the next four films, premiering in January and March 2016, Mikael Persbrandt not be there, according to Aftonbladet.

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“Where do you write the petition?”

Now, news has reached out to social media – which many react with anger and says that “Beck “will not be the same without Persbrandt.

” Where do you write the petition? No Beck without Persbrandt, “wrote one person on Twitter.

” No Pitch without Persbrandt as simple as that “writes another.

” Mikael Persbrandt deleted from the new Beck. BOY! “writes one more viewers.

” Rumors that Persbrandt not be included in the new Beck movies … Who will even check then? “asks another person.

” Beck without Persbrandt is fuckin as James Bond but James Bond, “notes one more viewers.

“It’s the worst thing that happened to me since Smail went out of the Paradise hotel,” reads another comment.

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“As mashed potatoes without potatoes”

On Expressen Fun Facebook page says readers that they no longer want to watch “Beck” if Persbrandt not around.

“Beck without Tomstad is like mashed potatoes without potatoes, “writes a reader.

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