Sunday, March 29, 2015

SVT darkened accident in the “Eternal Glory” – Aftonbladet

Glenn Hysén fell ill in “Eternal Glory” yesterday.

But viewers were never told how serious he was injured.

– I broke a rib. It hurt so fucking bad, he says.

Four-fifths of the obstacle course in SVT’s “Eternal Glory” was consuming.

Then came the last step.

And it was brutal.

At the end of the physical contest crotch participants would get over a rib sat at 1.5 meters height. Glenn Hysén , 55, was raised by his teammates Anna Olsson , 51, and Magnus Mühren , 40 – and jumped straight out.

“Did so damn evil”

The former football star fell headlong from about two meters in height and with full force down against the hard-packed gravel yard in Sicily. After the competition Hysen said that he felt a little stiff in the shoulder. But in fact, he felt much pain – and had suffered a fracture.

– I was forced to get over the damn thing and thought that it had to sink or swim. It later turned out that I broke a rib when I landed. It hurt so fucking bad. I immediately felt that something was wrong, says Glenn Hysén.

teammates appealed in vain to Hysen would take on the obstacle in a more thoughtful way.

– He told me that he was thinking of trying with a Fosbury Flop but I said, “you can not do. You will kill you! “. But he did it anyway and it cost a rib. He had extremely sore afterward, says Magnus Mühren.

Refused to break the competition

There was never Glenn Hyséns thoughts to break the race after the hard case.

– No, no, my God. There must be handled afterwards, take a little massage or something. But I knew you it was not good. Pang I landed on the ground. What to do? I had torn down the bar and had to jump again. You can not fold down, he says.

SVT, which has a nurse on site during the recordings, misjudged the situation when Glenn Hysén crashed to the ground.

– We probably did not understand how serious it was, much to Glenn is who he is. He had hurt but laughed the most. Then it is hard to understand and we did not include the seriousness of it, at least I did not do it. He is not any permanent damage, but he must have had really sore, say Anders Wistbacka , project manager at SVT.

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