Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The jury met TV4 in the greatest secrecy yesterday – Aftonbladet

The host Pär Lernström got to meet them first last night in the greatest secrecy.

Now revealed Idols new jury: Fredrik Kempe, Nikki Amini and Quincy Jones III.

– It has been almost uncomfortable, says Pär Lernström.

TV4 has been rigorous with secrecy.

The new jury was unveiled on Tuesday morning was no name of course beforehand.

The secret has been so well preserved that it was only yesterday that the three came together for a meeting with Idol production and TV host Pär Lernström.

– This has been so secret, I have tried asking, but they have kept it a secret even to me. It has almost been uncomfortable secret. It was only yesterday that I got to meet them all and we ate dinner together, says Lernström.

I thought the question was a joke

Now take the Fredrik Kempe 43, Nikki Amini , 31, and Quincy Jones III , 47, takes over the Idol jury.

– It feels great – I kept the secret a while, said Kempe TV4 when his name published.

He was asked when he was with her husband, a moderate politician Christopher Järkeborn, 30, in Washington and went straight home to do auditions.

Nikki Amini makes him company at the jury table. She works with public relations at the record company Universal’s headquarters in London and has worked with stars such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Now she will commute between Sweden and England.

She thought at first that TV4′s question was a joke.

– Haha, how has this come out? I had not track they sought a new jury, but it is clear that I want to be with, she says to Aftonbladet.
She has seen Idol since inception and is a big fan of Darin , “especially since he began singing in Swedish,” she says.

Nervous camera

Even Quincy Jones III has left his task in the world to make talent-TV in TV4. Son of the 27-times Grammy-winning producer Quincy Jones and Swedish actress and model Ulla Andersson. He left Sweden to Los Angeles 17 years old and have there made a career as a songwriter, music producer and documentary filmmaker.

– It feels incredibly fun, he says.

He laps it clean songwriting to build platforms for artistes and says that he is a full member of the jury. With a special nervousness.

– I’m used to standing behind the camera, I film also, now it will be different to be in front.

was protected by bodyguards

According to TV4′s broadcasting were several bodyguards in the TV4 building before and during the press conference.

There were no jurors wanted to comment on.

– I do not know why they are here, says Nikki Amini Nöjesbladet.

At the end of last year, sources told the Aftonbladet on TV4′s struggle to get up the jury for the Laila Bagge , Alexander Bard and Anders Bagge left office – and that many declined.

– It has been asked in virtually every major industry, said a source then.

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