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Marika Lagercrantz grew up in the shadow of the men’s success – Aftonbladet

Marika Lagercrantz grew up in a male-dominated home.

In tonight’s episode of “Stars in the Castle” she tells us about the time the children.

– It was entirely dominated by men of culture and society. The story of the young girl was not, says Marika Lagercrantz Nöjesbladet.

In the last episode of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” is the actress Marika Lagercrantzs days. During breakfast, she talks about what it was like to grow up in the background of men’s success and about his absent father.

The men would become a writer, and the women would marry talented men. It got Marika Lagercrantz early learning.

– It was very hard for me because I has such a strong expression needs. I think it’s so painful, she says in the program.

In all generations, the men of the family Lagercrantz written about their lives, while women have been overshadowed.

– We know nothing about women. So it’s very fun to live in this time and understand that the young girls speak out, she said.

Culture and society was completely dominated by men, making it difficult for Marika to express their own creativity.

– The story of the young girl was not there. I read with passionate interest with a flashlight under the covers, she says.

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Absentee Dad

As the chief editor of the Daily News was Marika’s father rarely home. The work came first and leave was never taken out.

– Suddenly I realized that there were fathers who were out playing with their children. I had a friend who had been out and been camping with his dad. I thought it was so strange, she says.

Three times during his childhood remember Marika how she uppgicks with her father. Among other things, a time when he took her on a trip to Dublin.

– I do not know how mom managed this feat, but for me it was my first trip abroad alone with dad.

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flirt Sauk

The section also touches another man. Namely Stefan Sauk . When the other participants ask Marika Lagercrantz about her love life Stefan reveals that he served inquired if she was “free”.

– I’m also curious about it. You feel “wow, this is an amazing woman. Go such a freedom? “He says Marika.

And flirt estimated by Marika, but not answered.

– I’m really married and happily married addition. But I was very flattered by it. I did not know about it. But we have been married in the movie, she says.

Stefan Sauk explains to Nöjesbladet what he meant by his “fling”.

– Some people feel it, oh, that is a nice man. It is a compliment to Marika, no more no less. In the same way that one can imagine, the nice guy, how could he go free? Why is he single?

“Stars in the Castle” broadcast on SVT on Saturday at 20th

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