Saturday, January 30, 2016

Katerina Janouch: “I did not know what it was about” – Aftonbladet

The author and sexrådgivaren Katerina Janouch has fallen into a critic storm.

On Twitter, she wrote about the “street rabble” and cheered on the gangs that attacked people in the middle of Stockholm.

– I stepped wrong, I regret the way I expressed myself, ‘she says now.

In the midst of the intense police operation on Friday night, then Around 100 masked people attacked people in central Stockholm, tweeted Katerina Janouch its support for the assailants:

In a tweet she wrote, “The first time in my life I’m teams’ hooligans’ ‘and in another she described a group of immigrants’ street rabble “.

The inserts stirred up emotions and Katerina Janouch severely criticized on social media.

Today regret her choice of words:

– I trod wrong, I regret that I expressed myself so bantering.

Earlier in the day had Katerina Janouch seen the fliers that were distributed in the inner city with the headline “It’s enough now,” and the message that abusing Moroccan street children at the Centre.

Behind the flyer and later the attack on the people remaining under police task Stockholm Act Soccer firms, thus hooligans.

– I did not really understand what it was about, I thought it was about protecting women so that we can feel safe.

But when you now know that this group gave the women and children, what do you do?

– I ask I do not at all behind the hooliganism. I was wrong facts and were too quick to tweet.


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