Thursday, January 28, 2016

Criticism against white Jackson-actor – Helsingborgs Dagblad

“Joseph Fiennes (a white boy!) to play Michael Jackson … I think Denzel Washington to play Elvis in the next movie, only for it to to be fair, “wrote another user on Twitter.

The British television channel Sky Arts is behind the comedy says in a statement that they have given producers a free hand in terms of roles are, within the framework set.

Michael Jackson was diagnosed with the disease vitiligo that made his skin became lighter in color over the years. He died 50 years old in June 2009 after an overdose of sleeping propofol.

The 30-minute comedy named “Elizabeth, Michael & amp; Marlon” said to be based on a real event, and about a drive by the United States as the “King of Pop” did with the film stars Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando 2001. Stockard Channing plays Taylor and Brian Cox Brando in the comedy to be aired sometime during in 2016.


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