Friday, January 29, 2016

Sven-Bertil Taube still manages to relate – Aftonbladet

Location: Concert Hall, Gothenburg.

Public: 1250 (Full House).

Length: Two hours with a break in the middle.

Best: The musical thrill in “Trouble” and father Everts hymn “As long as the ship can go.”

Worst: Somewhat played Niklas Strömstedt-interpretation “Lost again”.

Malmo Malmo live 13/2, Helsingborg Concert Hall 14/2, Gavle,

The Concert Hall 22/2, Västerås Concert Hall 3/3, Jönköping Concert Hall

4/3, Linköping, Concert & amp; Congress 5/3, Växjö Concert Hall 10/3,

Halmstad, Halmstad’s Theatre 11/3, Skövde, Skövde Arena 18/3, Orebro

Conventum 19/3, Stockholm , Circus 21/3 and 23/3, Sundsvall, Tonhallen

26/3, Uppsala Concert & amp; Congress 27/3.


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