Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leif GW Persson: “If you are stupid against him, I will kill you” – Aftonbladet

This week guest on Swedish television program “Please Lars Lerin,” Leif GW Persson.

Leif develops during the program’s strong feelings for Lars Lerin.

– If you are stupid against him, I’ll kill you, says Leif GW in the program.

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The program , aiming to Lars Lerin want to find new friends, during season six guests. In this week’s episode is Leif GW Persson chance to have a friendship for life.

The program talks the two men on suicide, art, and the relationship to the loved ones. But above all, breaking the two men shared the land of their relationship with alcohol.

Leif GW describes how his drinking is periodically first half of the year, he is sober and then start drinking in small batches again.

– Sometimes I feel incomprehensibly bad without being able to pinpoint why. Is it in the first half so it may be one of those little white pills, says GW.

“Against the anxiety”

When Lars Lerin ask about the pill he was referring to is Antabuse (one tablet alcoholics takes to not be able to drink alcohol), GW responds that no, it is about psychotropic drugs.

– I took that kind of angst against the hangover. The mixture which is lethal, explains Lars Lerin.

Leif GW manifest not only admire Lars art, but also enjoys very good about Lars as a person.

– He’s probably one of the tastiest people. It brings out a lot of people like me, I who am such a protective character. Then, he is also a talented man, a vulnerable person. I fought the right of his goodness. I really enjoy being in his company, he says in the program.

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Protection Reflex

At the end of the program, over a dram, continues GW to describe how strongly and tenderly he feels Lerin.

– Good people do not go to schools, I think so not.
Leif describes that he he has a protective reflex that he usually feel for the women and children.

– It is very strange to have it a relationship with a man. I feel strongly that is.

With a smile, concludes Leif GW:

– If you are stupid against him, I’ll kill you, so I think.

The “Please Lars Lerin,” broadcast on BBC1, Wednesday January 27, 21:00.

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