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For something like that had not been heard on the radio earlier. – Aftonbladet

In the ’80s there was not very much, but we had the “Eldorado”.

Two P3 hours every Sunday built Kjell Alinge poetic radio collage opened the listeners’ ears the big world.

I was too young for “Back home” , sketch series that Kjell Alinge did Janne Forssell in the 70s and that in many ways formed the school for Swedish radio humor. But I have been listening in hindsight – three collections with the best from the program are available on streaming services – and it’s not hard to understand why the mix of breakneck psychedelic madness and wild associations made so deep an impression on so many then.
Like had not been heard on the radio earlier.
Same thing with the 80′s “Eldorado”, the program that Alinge mainly associated with.
In an attempt to capture and portray the feel of the contemporary popular culture he built collages of music, film sound and often very free philosophies. Just under the headings, the first “Star music” when the program was late at night, and “The adventure continues” when it moved to Sunday mornings, sparked thoughts.

And the “Eldorado” truly made Unlike in 80th century Sweden, long before the Internet, with two channels of television and three radio.
Kjell Alinge let Eva Dahlgren to record the dreamy “Eldorado” -jingeln . The program also lived in a kind of symbiosis with Adolphson & amp; Falk technology, romantic pop. When I think of songs like “carrying wave” and “Flashing blue” I think of “Eldorado”. It was specifically for “Eldorado” they recorded their classic “More Christmas” in 1984.
And where much of today’s music radio is controlled by playlists and hard templates made Alinge that he wanted the “Eldorado”. Most legendary of course, when he was so floored by Titiyos debut single that he was in a program put “Talking to the Man in the Moon” on repeat.

in 1993, the “Eldorado” Down , but came back in 2005, when the Internet radio. For such a genuinely curious person Alinge suited understood to be a pioneer in a new type of channel but soon ended the program even in the P2 schedule before to many people’s disappointment disappeared again in 2013.
Last time I broke the Kjell Alinges radio art However, as recently as a month ago. On the 35th anniversary of John Lennon death, on December 8, I fell over a link to a special program of Lennon Alinge in 1980, the same night as the news became known. He played Beatles and said, noticeably taken on an as easy as poignant way what Lennon meant for all “over 15 and under 50″. So young was pop music then.
Radio Sweden should clear in tonight’s schedule and make a similar program for Kjell Alinge.
Few, if any, in Sweden did more of the radio medium than he. It was the public service of the finest kind.

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