Sunday, January 24, 2016

Storm “Jonas” stop Bossen – Aftonbladet

The snowstorm “Jonas” cripples New York.

All the traffic has stopped in the city. Now is also Bruce Springsteen’s concert in.

In less than a day has over 68 centimeters of snow had fallen in Central Park.

All Traffic in New York has been stopped until 13 o’clock today, Swedish time. Train and Metro services are also stopped.

Now place the snow also problems for Bruce Springsteen.

The concert by The Boss and The E Street Band at Madison Square Garden tonight is set.

“@ TheGarden andspringsteen must set tomorrow’s gig because of a travel ban in the three states and security reasons,” announced Springsteen’s official twitter account last night.

There is currently no new date for the canceled gig. Springsteen, however, has another planned gig in New York on Wednesday.

The snowstorm has received the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio to order all the theaters, restaurants and other public premises to close for the weekend and send home their staff.

The snowstorm is reported to be the third worst in New York since 1869, writes BNO News with reference to weather institute NWS.


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