Saturday, January 30, 2016

Criticism Storm against Katerina Janouch – Vasterbotten Courier

The author Katerina Janouch took a stand for the people who last night gave out leaflets calling for giving the ‘North African’ street children ” ‘punishment they deserve “in the center Stockholm. In a series of Twitter posts, she described including people from the North African country as “street rabble” and, in a now deleted tweet that she was on the possible perpetrators of violence page.

The inserts stirred up strong feelings and strong criticism Social media. In an open letter recently published in Janouch Facebook page, she writes that she expressed it bantering but that she is “concerned about the development of society”.

“As a woman, mother and citizen of Sweden, I am deeply concerned about the development of society and debate the climate that prevails. In affective fired myself on baiting – and contributed to polarization. I’m not proud of, “she writes.

Katerina Janouch has written several novels and a series of children’s books. Her latest book “Hudhunger” was published a week.


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