Thursday, January 21, 2016

The big short – Expressen

“The Big Short” is something as odd as a comedy about the financial crisis in 2008.

It is tart black, and it will make you smile all the way to the destitute doomsday.

Imagine “The Wolf of Wall Street”, but smarter.

Based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling non-fiction book in 2010, it all starts with the Securities seller Jared Vennett (Gosling) directly address the audience to explain how bankers went from förlorar- to höjdarstatus in society. We moved then to the fund manager Dr. Michael Burry that gives the impression of being anything but a slick börshaj, where he was sitting at the office screaming and drumming to raging metal. He is kind, without any social skills or interest in personal hygiene, but he is the first to see the pattern: that the previously stable US housing market is just a castle in the air, and he does not hesitate before speculating.

Steve Carell in The Big Short

Soon after sniffing others up the track. Including Mark Baum (Steve Carell), an outspoken and seasoned fund manager who got tired of humanity, but that also seems to be one of the few who see the real consequences of the cynical game. During a study in Florida gape luxury villas ghostly empty, while people with uncertain incomes burdened by insane loans.

It sounds sad rather than funny, but “Anchorman” -regissören succeed in a perfectly incredible way to combine a humorous touch with educational aspirations. And when Ryan Gosling charming narrator is not enough, so get a Margot Robbie in the hot tub or Selena Gomez at the gaming table explaining the dullest terminology.

The big shortcake with humor as weapons

The result is a bold, innovative mix of documentary authenticity, and the twinkle in his eye-fluency would otherwise most associate with the heist movies like “Ocean’s 11″. But this time it is no casino robbed, it is ordinary working people, and yet you sit there and cheer on the system connoisseur. It still says a lot about how we could end up where we ended up.

Even a loser loves a winner, but with humor as a weapon leaves the “big short” one anyway with smoldering anger that feels well informed constructive rather than hopeless.


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