Sunday, January 31, 2016

Robb Flynn raging against Pantera singer Nazi greeting – Aftonbladet

He raised his hand in a Nazi greeting and shouted “white power”.

Then he said the it was a joke. That he had been drinking white wine before the concert.

Now criticizes Machine Heads Robb Flynn Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo in a video on Youtube.

– This shit is wrong. So fucking wrong, he says.

It is not the first time Phil Anselmo, former lead singer of Pantera, making a Nazi gambit. Last week he got more fans to rage when he made a Nazi greeting at a charity gig in Hollywood. At the same time he shouted “white power”.

Afterwards, the singer refused to apologize.

“Alright y’all, I owe an explanation, but hell, I joked. The explanation of the joke is that I drank fucking white wine, hahaha, all the damn things. Some of you need to be a little tougher, “he wrote after the fans’ reactions.

” heads would roll “

Now take Robb Flynn, guitarist and singer of Machine Head, the position of one eleven minute long YouTube clip.

– The craziest thing is that the majority of people say ‘come on, do not be so hard on him. Here comes the PK-police, “he said.

– It is only in metal circles that this stuff is so easy. If it would be Chad from Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Tom Bradly or Lars Ulrich would heads to roll.

There were no white wine

Robb Flynn says Phil Anselmo obviously need a history lesson and give him one. He also says that he himself was backstage at the concert – and that he saw a glimpse of something white wine.

– No white person has been oppressed by black. Rather the opposite. And it’s not okay to yell out “white power” and then say it’s a fucking joke about white wine. Especially when there was no white wine, he says in the video.

– Goodbye Phil Anselmo. I will not play a single Pantera song to my life, as long as I live.


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