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Reviewers: New “X-Files” uneven – Vasterbotten Courier

Fun Telegram This evening the new season of “The X-Files” premiered in the United States. The series became a pop cultural phenomenon in the early 90s, but in 2016, the series is an uneven history of the reviews to judge.


“The X-Files,” a hybrid of drama, horror and science fiction, was acclaimed for its entertaining conspiracy theories when premiered in 1993. The series was also a pioneer when it came to television narrative in the long form, with far-reaching narrative of a kind hitherto most appeared in the soap operas.

The lead actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny got their break in the series, and both have said they have settled the dispute with that forever be associated with FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

The new season has Swedish television premiere on January 28 on TV3.

It’s been almost 14 years since the last episode of “The X-Files” was broadcast on television and eight years ago the movie “I Want to Believe” premiered (and got a lukewarm receiving). So when six newly produced episodes of the series draws near asks The New York Times critic, “we still believe?”.

The answer is, according to them, no – at least initially. The first section describes the fact that “a struggle to get through.” But the writers who have seen three of the six sections, notes that it shapes up something and actually begins to resemble 90′s heyday during the third hour.

“Shocking concerning”

Entertainment Weekly is on the same track, and call the season start for “the opposite of a masterpiece.” Particularly amusing seems the show’s “outdated” view on the internet to be, or as the author writes:

“I have not heard anyone call it ‘the network’ since the movie ‘Network’ became a television series that no one was watching “.

But everything suggests that the” X-Files “regains its old shape a few episodes in, then also Entertainment Weekly calls the third episode of” scary, funny, existential and shockingly moving. “

Opened for more

On the other side of the Atlantic has also been the Guardian looked at the series, and writes:

“The best reboots needs to justify its existence, otherwise it is just as of Fleetwood Mac reunited for the millionth time while we clap pace and remember the good old days. New sections should create something new rather than to regurgitate in the past. So far only manage one of the first three sections of it. “

” The X-Files “-skaparen Chris Carter has opened up for more episodes to come, but then perhaps he should take to Variety’s review:

“It’s as if Chris Carter and his colleagues have forgotten why people liked the series.”

Swedish viewers will have to wait a few days at the premiere peek when the new season are shown on TV3 starting on 28 January.


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