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Duchovny: “The X-Files made us into monsters” – Aftonbladet


“The X-Files” did David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to superstars.

But the success of the series that will be continued in the Swedish television on Thursday made them also to the enemies.

– There were moments when we could not stand each other, says Duchovny when Aftonbladet meets him at the filming in Vancouver.

He takes in what once was a mental clinic. On the wall hangs a “X-Files” -plansch with a picture of a UFO and the text, “I want to believe”.

– It is a fitting venue, right, says Duchovny smiling and pointing toward the lockable windows.

The TV series “The X-Files” set point for more than 14 years ago. When the second feature film flopped 2008, the proposer of a continuation probably been locked up here.

– I thought actually it would be a new start, says Duchovny 55.

And then not only because of the fans’ declining interest.

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20 million viewers

It’s no secret that he and Anderson , 47, had a strained relationship for a long time.

– The difficulties in making the series turned us into monsters, he admits.

When the series went that best followed on each Week of nearly 20 million viewers.

– We became famous together. We got careers together. It was an incredibly turbulent time and it is not surprising that we became a little crazy.

But apparently not completely burned bridges. When the show’s creators approached him about a possible avdammande of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully duo hooked on.

– There was no way any of us wanted to do 22 or 25 sections. But six sections were okay, he said.

When we reconnect with the well-known figures live Mulder as recluse in the country. That he has done since the FBI put down “X-Files” department and Scully returned to work as a doctor.

“has not changed”

But the duo reunited as a known host of ” Truth Squad “presents them to Sveta, a woman abducted by UFO and seems to have alienated DNA in the body.

Soon, an investigation on an extensive conspiracy.

– Mulder not changed, says Duchovny dry.

– It has not either. I still do not believe in conspiracy theories. I have never met anyone who kept a secret. For me it’s ridiculous that 10-20 people would share the same secret, and bring it to the grave.

He wry smile.

– But there is of course no popular conception of man To create an interesting drama.

Better working relationship

When asked how it was to re-assume the character shrugs his shoulders.

– The first day we were a little rusty. I had a terrible monologue, someone like Chris Carter (series creator) likes to write. I got to say things like “Elektrogravitisk propulsion”. It was difficult for the brain to click onto the track again.

However, he thinks that it was easier to work with Anderson.

– We are more aware of each other and how the other the person wants it. We have as well realized that we’re in this together. Our relationship has developed into a real friendship.


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