Friday, January 29, 2016

Tells of shame for on track tab – Expressen

Anna Ekström is the Director General of the National Agency and signing the syllabus of plumbing training.

Still, she replied errors in tonight’s “On the Trail” – and makes everyone laugh.

– I promise to write a hundred times on the blackboard, the correct meaning, she said after the episode.

It was in the evening “On the track” in SVT that the contestants in the semifinals, Göran Hägglund and Anna Ekström against Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, would respond to what HVAC stands for.

– plumbing, I would take a chance on heat, water, Sanitation, says Anna Ekström, Director General of the National Agency, in the program.

Mr Hägglund agree with its racing partner:

– It is so.

But after that even Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson given his answer to the question notifies the judge Fredrik Lindström that none of the teams had given the right answer.

– There is no one who is right. It must be the heat, ventilation, sanitation, he said.

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Anna Ekström: “Embarrassing “

Then exclaims Anna Ekström:

– This is terribly embarrassing. I’m with and decides on the syllabi for those who become educated to the program.

And when she realized his gaffe all begin to laugh. Fredrik Lindstrom and TV host Kristian Luuk joking addition of the miss.

– Then you go the wrong course with you, then they go water-course instead of the ventilation rate. They bathed all day, says Fredrik Lindström.

Göran Hägglund: “Hard”

Mr Hägglund adds:

– No wonder it is so difficult To get hold of craftsmen.

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“Hacon bacon mentality”

Kristiansand Luuk takes jokes a step further – and ask what Anna Ekström has the mentality of their work.

– What are your Hacon bacon mentality up there anyway? he asks while the other participants laugh.

After the section says Anna Ekström she felt ashamed when she realized her blunder.

– I promise to write a hundred times on the blackboard, the correct meaning. I felt very ashamed, but I hope that with this little error, so maybe I can attach little attention to the HVAC field, she said.

“On the Trail” broadcast Fridays 20:00 to BBC1.

Expressen has sought Anna Ekström through the National Agency for comment.

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