Friday, January 15, 2016

Crates of violation of Heberlein – Vasterbotten Courier

The Swedish Film Institute feature film consultant Baker Karim slopes of a defamatory statement against the author and commentator Ann Heberlein, reports Swedish Radio Kulturnytt.

After the atrocities against women including Cologne wrote Heberlein an article in Expressen and also appeared on Swedish Radio Studio A, where she linked the assaults to cultural differences and patriarchal society.

On his Facebook page then wrote Karim, among other things, that “someone ought to medicate her”. Heberlein has told openly about his bipolar disorder.

Now the Baker Karim back what he wrote.

“I went over the limit in a discussion on Facebook,” he says to Kulturnytt.

Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, called his statement “inappropriate” and “unfortunate”.

– This is a debate climate that is extremely sensitive. One should choose his words when you have a public position, she says.


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