Thursday, January 21, 2016

SVT criticism of the new “Vegorätt” – Vasterbotten Courier

Fun Telegram The week began “Sweden’s first vegetarian food program”, as requested including a campaign on social media. But the SVT “Vegorätt” has been met with a lot of critical voices.

When viewers were invited to chat with the hosts after the premiere was performed mainly tributes but also criticism that the program misses the target vegetarians who “have not a giant budget or interests of ingredients found only in health food stores. “

Karoline Jönsson believes, however, that the program’s health focus is a way to meet other prejudices:

” We often face prejudice that one does not get all the nutrients when eating vegomat and want to show that vego actually is a good option where you can meet everything one needs to feel good, “she writes.

She also adds that the program series will to bid on themes commonplace, pasta dishes and taco dinner later in the season.

Unhappy viewers feel that “Vegorätt” reinforces a stereotype image of vegetarians. But Micael Lekberg, publisher of the program, disagrees.

– I honestly do not understand the criticism. We locked on no prejudices at all, it’s a personal related programs based on how Karoline (Jönsson) and Elenore (Bendel-Zahn) live their lives. We make many cooking shows, this particular program is about them, he says to DN.


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