Friday, January 22, 2016

Excellent Fassbender in a little chatty Jobs movie – Aftonbladet

drama This film triggers thoughts of talent and brilliance.

We can start with the contradiction between being a skilled professional, creative artist – and failed private individual. With the failure, we can Steve Jobs cases mean that you do to the enemy with his closest friends, so difficult to get fired from the company they created and behaves like a pig at the woman who gave birth to your daughter. One child denying.

But apparently was Steve Jobs a strong talent in professional life. To some extent it consisted in ensuring the uniqueness of what others, like Apple colleague Steve Wozniak created. Steve Jobs was a shrewd entrepreneur who stubbornly pushed others to do their best. It’s an interesting kind of leadership that can obviously make a difference.

There is a parallel to the filmmaker George Lucas and Peter Jackson that work resulted in thousands of people. Where many other do important and prejudge contribution, but someone in the top makes the final selection and micromanage everything that shapes the whole.

Steve Jobs was one of the founders of the personal computer pioneer Apple, had to stop, did a few other ventures and bath then come back. He saved the company from bankruptcy to 2000s success. Where the decisive inventions iPhone and iPad changed the way we communicate with each other.

This movie is not about that. It concentrates on three events in Steve Jobs career. An early effort, the case from the top, and finally in 1998 the first step toward resurgence.

Here, the film shows more brilliance and talent. Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet are excellent in the main roles of Steve Jobs and his aides Joanna Hoffman . It is a pleasure to follow their sparring in stressful situations. Both at work and private life where the woman ( Katherine Waterston ) who gave birth to Steve Jobs’s children trying to get him to admit his daughter.

The script of Aaron Sorkin has been very dialogue. Bitwise Gabby. It could probably be played like a play, and move between few times and locations.

Danny Boyle get it to live even on the big screen. “Steve Jobs” is about a special man but shows the behaviors we can all recognize.


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