Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman is deceased – was 69 years – Aftonbladet

The distinctive voice has fallen silent.

Actor Alan Rickman has passed away after a brief illness.

He was surrounded by family and friends, says the family to The Guardian.

On Thursday confirmed the family to the actor Alan Rickman passed away from cancer in his home town of London.

Alan Rickman, family and friends had kept the illness a secret.

Swedish actress Amanda Ooms starred opposite Alan Rickman in “Mesmer” from 1994. They kept in touch while Amanda Ooms lived in London. She has just been told about Rickman’s death when Aftonbladet reach her.

– Oh dear, what sad. He was a big man in every way. He had a great voice, great movements, he was generous. We must remember to live our life now, that’s all I have to say, says Amanda Ooms.

Known in the role of Snape

Alan Rickman is among other things known as Professor Severus Snape in the film adaptations have of the “Harry Potter” -böckerna.

– My thoughts are with Rima and the rest of Alan’s family. We have lost a great talent. They have lost some of their hearts, writes Harry Potter author JK Rowling on Twitter.

Daniel Radcliffe played the role of Harry Potter in the eight films. He describes Alan Rickman as “one of the most loyal and supportive people in the movie business.”

– he encouraged me, both during filming and the time after “Harry Potter” films. I’m pretty sure he came and saw everything I ever did on stage, both in London and New York, writes Daniel Radcliffe in a tribute letter.

played the bad guys

Alan Rickman caught play many characters over its 30-year film career. He was loved for his villain interpretations, including the Sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” in 1991, the title role in “Rasputin” in 1996 and Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” from 1988.

The latter role he reportedly received only two days after he moved to Los Angeles as a 41-year-old.

Other memorable roles from “Love Actually” and “Sweeney Todd.”

The latest film by Alan Rickman starred in, “Eye in the Sky” has not yet had its Swedish premiere. In 2014 he directed the film “A little chaos,” where he played the Sun King, Louis XIV.

Hailed with raised wands

tributes to Alan Rickman fall into the social media. Under the hashtag #WandsUp parts of “Harry Potter” TM fans pictures of higher wands in Alan Rickman’s honor. Comedian and actor Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter audio books in English.

– What a terribly sad news about Alan Rickman. His presence on both stage and screen was bewitching, he writes on Twitter.

married secretly

In April 2015 married Alan Rickman with his life partner Rima Horton, after having been together for 50 years. The wedding took place in the greatest secrecy.

– We have been married. Just recently. It was amazing, because nobody was there. After the wedding in New York we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and ate lunch, said Alan Rickman to German newspaper Bild.

Alan Rickman was 69 years. He would have turned 70 in February in 2016.


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