Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Harsh criticism of the new SVT program – Expressen

Yesterday was broadcast for the first time, a vegetarian food program in SVT, “Vegorätt”.

Now hails criticism of the program in the social media.

“SVT reinforcing prejudice instead of promoting popular education,” wrote one person on Twitter.

It was last night that “Vegorätt”, what claimed to be Sweden’s “first and straight through vegetarian food program” was broadcast on SVT with program leaders Elenore Bendel-Zahn and Karoline Jönsson.

But the comments on social media to judge the program appears not to have reached up to expectations.

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Many people write that they are provoked, and that “Vegorätt” reinforcing prejudice that already is available for vegetarians today.

Criticism “Vegorätt”

The criticism of the program flow in social media.

“Instead of challenging prejudices about the vegetarian diet and Vegetarians program makes every effort to consolidate them # vegorätt “writes a disappointed twitterers.

” Watch # vegorätt and allow yourself to laugh at caricature of vegetarians. SVT reinforcing prejudice instead of promoting popular education, “wrote one person on Twitter.

” What is this? “

” Viewing “Vegorätt” SVT. What the fucking hell is this? “Writes another.

” Is the SVT production Vegorätt a tax-financed character assassination on us vegetarians? “Asks one more person on Twitter.

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was filmed in southern Skåne

“Vegorätt” recorded in Karoline’s garden on the Sydskånska countryside.

SVT responds to criticism in an email.

“Vegorätt are a vegetarian lifestyle and cookery program to primarily female audience between 18 and 35 years. It is based on the Elinore and Caroline and their recipes, tell playful and personalized based on them and have no ambition to reflect or give a picture of the second vegetarians as a collective. People are different regardless of what you choose to eat, “writes SVT’s program manager Micael Lekberg and continues:

” We see that there are very many positive reactions program today and some that are negative. Perhaps those who are negative, an established model for what a cooking program with veg food would look like. When the image is not true, it will be some disappointed. We chose to make a personal lifestyle programs with good, stylish vegetarian recipes with Karoline and Elenore for the target audience is primarily women between 18 and 35 “.

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