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Aftershocks “deserved winner of Guldbaggen – Swedish Dagbladet

E which quake was the evening’s big winner. Rather, writes Svenska Dagbladet’s Elias Bjorkman, who think that the Guldbagge jury shall continue to reward quality film instead of cash records.

Producer Terna Madeleine Ekman and Mariusz Wlodarski, left, receives the Best Film for the film” Aftershocks “. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT

There are those , reputable film journalists and even, who believe that the Guldbagge jury should reward those films that have been publicly most successful. Some are horrified to even indignant about the fact that the nomination jury this year focused on the what is called “quality films” – whatever the jury would otherwise have chosen to reward? Even the great Oscar jury seems to work in a similar way: that is, that it nominates the films it considers best, and not the films that struck the greatest cash-record the fastest time (hence no Best Picture nomination for “Star Wars: The Force awakens “a mind).

With that said, the Guldbagge jury this year has spread out the heaviest rates of essentially three films:” Aftershocks “,” Thief Honor “and” The Flock “. And although Peter Grönlund “Sneak Honor,” which among other things was named the year’s best film by the Swedish Film Critics Association last week, won the most prizes in total was not even nominated in the category Best Film (which if anything is a testament to what a strong Swedish film year 2015 was ).

With the gala heaviest price, Best Film and Best Director, and by all means an incredibly well-deserved Supporting Actor ram for Mats Blomgren who the father is “Aftershocks” and Magnus von Horn anyway tonight’s big winners. But strange, and sad, that one seems to have wanted to give “A man named Ove” a consolation prize in the prize Rolf Lassgård for Best Actor – which obviously should have been awarded Ulrik Munther as young John in “Aftershocks”.

The director Magnus von Horn with Ulrik Munther makes starred in the film “Aftershocks”. Photo: Lukasz Zalt / Triart movie

Peter Grönlund should of course still be happy with the five prices, and above all the best screenplay statuette he got home.

Also worth noting: the year in advance most abandoned profits failed to materialize as the Lisa Holmqvist and the “flock” won Best Original Music ram which all experts in advance appointed Benny Andersson and “The Circle “Winner of. Just pretty sad obscurity “circle” should, moreover, at least to have been awarded a ram for best visual effects that now instead went to “Lasse Maja’s Detective Agency – Stella Nostra”.

Well deserved was Newcomer of the Year which was awarded radiant Bianca Kronlöf in fine debut “Swedish bastard”, as well as, of course, this year’s honorary ram, which this year went to Birgitta Andersson, Teaspoon Old Woman, “From A to Z” -Hedvig and both loved and phenomenal actors (including nominated for a Guldbagge in 1995 for her performance in “Jönsson league’s greatest coup”). And how finely tuned the portrait, “I am Ingrid” than is was the “repository” whose portrayal inside the Migration Board’s locked detention seems more relevant than ever, which was named Best Documentary. And the audience prize went as expected “A man named Ove”.

A good film year not oävet summation seen the Guldbagge jury winners list. Let’s hope the jury continues to reward what it considers to be of quality, and not nominate films solely based on its audience hauling abilities. Should the quality and the public do not coincide, there is nowadays addition, a completely separate price which is actually just the audience determines the winner: Biopublikens.

They received this year’s Guldbagge

Best Film: “Aftershocks”.

Best director: Magnus von Horn “Aftershocks”.

Best Actress: Malin Levanon for the role of “Thief of honor”.

Best Actor: Rolf Lassgård for his role in “A man named Ove”.

Best Supporting Actress : Eva Melander for her role in “The Flock”.

Best Supporting Actor: Mats Blomgren for her role in “Aftershocks”.

Best Screenplay: Peter Grönlund for the screenplay for “Thief of honor”.

Top photo: Gosta Reiland for the photo of the “flock”.

Top Clips: Kristofer Nordin for the mowing of “Thief of honor”.

Best Costume: Mia Andersson for the costumes in “Thief Honors “.

Best Audio / Sound Design: Andreas Franck for the sound of” Jönssonligan – the perfect heist. “

Best Mask / makeup: Eva von Bahr and Love Larson for mask / makeup “A man named Ove”.

Best original music: Lisa Holmqvist for the music in “The Flock”.

Best set design: Kasja Severin for the set design of “Thief of honor”.

Best visual effects: Torbjörn Olsson, Fredrik Pihl, Robert Södergren and Joel Sundberg for the effects of “Lasse Maja’s Detective Agency – Stella Nostra”.

Best foreign film: “Leviathan” directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev.

Best Short Film: “King Fury” directed by David Sandberg.

Best Documentary: “Repository” directed by Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty.

Newbie: Bianca Kronlöf for their efforts in “Swedish bastard”.

Honor Guldbaggen: Birgitta Andersson.

Gullspira: Childrens School


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