Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ai Weiwei closes the show in Denmark in protest against the new Refugee – Swedish Radio

The new law gives the Danish authorities the right to take flyktningars belongings was too much for the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Now he closes both its exhibition ruptures shown on Faurschou Foundation in Copenhagen.

Kunsthalle director Jens Faurschou says Ai Weiwei’s official Instagramkonto he respects the artist’s decision and regrets Denmark decided to take the lead in an inhumane refugee policy. The new Danish Refugee Law is also about more difficult for families looking to reunite the country.

The exhibition Rapture has been hailed in Danish media show many of Ai Weiwei’s most important works.

To comment Faurschou Foundation curator Jannie Hagemann Ai Weiwei’s decision:

– All that Ai Weiwei will get the attention of the international press, but this will not get the Danish government to change its mind.

Ai Weiwei has also decided to withdraw its twelve meter long works Yu Yi currently being shown at the ARoS in Aarhus, the reports Danmarks Radio.

– Ai Weiwei is loyal with the individual’s right to human rights, says Cecilia Blomberg, art manager at feuilleton P1, P1 Culture and continues:

– He’s not just talking about political injustice without doing anything himself and uses his position to try to influence directly as now when he shut down an exhibition.

In the audio clip above you’ll hear Cecilia Blomberg comment for Ai Weiwei’s protest against the Danish refugee policy.



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