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Wages are the greatest mystery in the ‘X-Files’ – Aftonbladet

For the week returns “X-Files” on Swedish TV.

The greatest mystery?

How could the series proceeds, Gillian Anderson, be offered half as much money as David Duchovny?

Tvåhundratvå section. Nine seasons. Two feature films.

Sometimes a simple idea well.

“The X-Files” is about how two FBI agents investigating the unexplained and paranormal phenomena.

One , Fox Mulder, believe in elves and trolls. The second, the doctor Dana Scully, is becoming probably more skeptical.

The loaded friction between the characters, which are increasingly moving into attraction, besides conspiracies and aliens show’s foundation.

The series was, at least initially, better able to renew the broadcast media than on fair wage negotiations. There are bigger and more ridiculous mysteries in reality than in the script.

In the first three seasons earned Gillian Anderson half as much as his colleague David Duchovny . And not only that. In the beginning, the company wanted to Fox that she would not stand alongside Duchovny front of the camera. Anderson had kindly put a little diagonally behind him.

It took three years before Anderson managed the war up wages. However she does not remember how long it took before she literally had to stand alongside her co-star.

After “X-Files” was closed down in 2002, Gillian Anderson made several acclaimed and acclaimed roles. She was among other brilliant as Lady Deadlock in Charles Dickens “Bleak House” and even better as commissioner Stella Gibson in “The cases”.

But before the current mini-series and the continuation of “X-Files” was turned the clock back to 1993 again. Gillian Anderson was again offered – half the salary. And everything started over again.

When she received the fiasco comment on nätsajten The Daily Beast, she groped for the words:

“It is sad. It’s … sad. “

The question is not how vital Dana Scully is the” X-Files “. The question is rather what the series would be without her – presumably a true unbearable story of a lonely tin foil hat.

“The X-Files” -skaparen Chris Carter has in interviews described Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as symbols of man’s eternal and internal tug of war between faith and reason.

And what would world without people like Dana Scully?

As had irrational and superstitious right breakdown ster, mainly men, have been able to run amok and see conspiracies everywhere and accuse the devil and his aunt – most preferably, journalists – the cover-ups and corruption, and require twice the salary for equal work and …

Now wait. We live already in the reality. That is, unlike the cases of the “X-Files”, frightening real.

Footnote: “The X-Files” has Swedish premiere on TV3 on 28 January.

Mark the top 3

1 Prince (artist)

Solo show that would have premiered in Europe in December presented in a way in Minneapolis instead. At home in Paisley Park took the Prince wearing pajamas, sat alone at the piano before a thousand people and made, according to reports, two full-crunching and deeply emotional concerts. The song list from one of the sets deserve to be recognized in its entirety. See below. “Condition of the Heart”!

2 “The Wheel” (song, PJ Harvey)

Did not know how much I longed for a sign of life from PJ Harvey until I heard the new single. She still resembles no other.

3 Glenn Frey (1948-2016)

Rock Death continues. Thanks for the Eagles, “Take it easy,” “Lyin ‘Eyes”, and much more. And farewell.

Princes unlikely tracklist (Paisley Park, 160121)

 ” Baby “

” I wanna be your lover “

” Dirty Mind “

” Do Me, Baby “

 “Something in the water (does not compute)”

 “Free”

 “A Case of You” (Joni Mitchell cover)

 “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child” (default)

 “The beautiful ones”

 “U’r gonna c me”

 “Condition of the Heart”

 “Raspberry Beret”

 “Paisley Park”

 “Sometimes it snows in April”

 “I love U, but I do not trust U anymore”

 “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”

 “Unchain my heart” (Ray Charles cover )

 “Baltimore”

 “Rock and Roll Love Affair”

 “Starfish and Coffee”

 “The breakdown “

” Anna Stesia “


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