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Mia Parnevik: “We laugh and tjoar to survive” – ​​Aftonbladet

The surface of the TV screen are happy and lively.

But behind the joy of “Parneviks” are very much sadness.

– We have very fun, because we have to. To survive, says Mia Parnevik.

The family Parnevik struggled with grief during the filming of the second season of “Parneviks” on TV3.

Son Phoenix , 14, best friend disappeared at sea near the home in Jupiter, Florida, and was never found.

But the recording was made, yet, despite the tough circumstances.

– This grief … unfortunately have our children been through it a little too much last year, says Mia and clears his throat.

– Sorry, I will always tearful when I talk about it. All whatever deals in its own way, but here it was so hard not to make a clearance. No one knows what happened. And for him, who is 14 and will turn 15, there will be a repetition of what his sibling has gone through who lost friends. It shapes as a family. But to become stronger.

The search became a world

The disappearance of teenage boys Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen spread like wildfire over worldwide in July last year when they disappeared with his fishing boat. Two weeks after the disappearance called off the search and corpse was never found.

During the autumn, the middle of the recordings, held a memorial service for the 14-year-olds.

For the family Parnevik was the tragic incident in a string the more in the past year. Both Philippa and Penny lost close friends in a short time.

– We laugh and tjoar much in our family, we have a lot of fun, because we must. To survive. Because … we’ve been through extremely difficult things, but we are also extremely fun. For you know how fragile life is, she says.

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” a whole family annihilated “

Nearly 12 years ago lost Mia Parnevik his best friend in the tsunami.

– It was terrible. I had five girlfriends who were in the area, but my oldest childhood friend, her husband, her children, her brother, their two children, mother and father … it was a whole family annihilated, she says.

– So we have fun in our family but there is much behind everything. That is why we live so fully in our family.

How did you get through the grief?

– It has his family and many fine friends. I remember there was a time where Jesper competed the most and they did not find their bodies directly, either. It was a search and searching. The tsunami hit Sweden very hard.

TV Series part of therapy

“Parneviks,” which premieres Monday, February 2, has become a way to capitalize on the fun.

– When you get this kind of chances after everything you go through, and whether you are terrified of what everyone will think and think, you will take it because it’s so damn funny, she said.

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