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The program managers are supported by the male – Expressen

Tonight broadcast the second episode of the food program “Vegorätt” as the premiere caused a view storm on Twitter.

SVT have had close contact with the leaders during the week scorned in social media .

– We have very much to talk to them about, all positive reactions as well, says Micael Lekberg, publisher.

Last week had “Vegorätt”, claimed to be Sweden’s “first and straight through vegetarian food program”, premiered in SVT with program leaders Elenore Bendel-Zahn and Karoline Jönsson.

During and after the program rained criticism via Twitter and other social media.

Criticism of “Vegorätt”

Many wrote that they were provoked, and that “Vegorätt” reinforcing prejudice that already exists against vegetarians today.

“SVT reinforcing prejudice instead of promoting popular education,” wrote one person.

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Micael Lekberg is the publisher of the program, and he says that it came as a very positive response.

– It really is both, and it has been balanced by a lot this week.

He says SVT had close contact with the leaders after the premiere.

– We have very much to talk to them about, all the positive reactions, too, he says.

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Program Leaders: “The producer’s idea”

The program managers Elenore Bendel-Zahn and Karoline Jönsson telling Göteborgs Posten that they were prepared for criticism.

– There is an equally wide variety of personalities vego-Sweden as there are people who eat meat, and see so many TV programs with meat there. A single vegetarian cooking show would never be able to satisfy everyone’s desires. We need more, says the newspaper.

On Twitter criticized, among other things, a feature presenters did yoga exercises, they say exactly what was the producer’s idea.

– The yoga was an idea from our producer, which we liked, they say to the GP.

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