Saturday, January 16, 2016

Got change “Stars in the Castle” at the last second – Aftonbladet

SVT would have made surreptitious advertising in prime time.

But at the last moment announced the channel that they make adjustments in Saturday’s program.

– We definitely do not want something to be seen as product placement, says Petter Bragée who is the program manager at SVT in Malmö.

It does not fall all on the lip – but the actor Stefan Sauk , 60, loves both fermented herring sandwich and parachute jumps.

After breakfast in the fourth program of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” is his turn to entertain the other participants. When a person falls from the sky – a parachutist with a club name clearly printed on the shirt, before the program around 1.3 million viewers.

– You know, there comes a jumper from the sky and dust down. She had a shirt with the logo, and it’s nothing that we could control. It was “one shot”, says Stefan Sauk Aftonbladet.

The name of the club mentioned then when the stars talking about the activity. There is a parachuting club selling hope to the individuals.

The price tag: around SEK 2000 per session.

“No commercial activity”

For dinner offered on fermented herring from a manufacturer where Stefan Sauk has the title of first tasters. In the castle kitchen opens he and chef Ulf Wagner a bag with dented cans Stefan Sauk had with him, and Sauk explains the production process in detail.

For Nöjesbladet says Stefan Sauk production was talking about surströmming during recording, but the location was no danger when the brand is not available in stores.

– There are no commercial activity, there is a community center compound that makes for its own use, says Stefan Sauk.

At the dinner table is a flag with the manufacturer’s logo instead of cloth.

“Do think about one turn to the”

SVT’s program manager in Malmö, Petter Bragée , did not react to the location when he looked through the programs first. But he is concerned that Aftonbladet will take it up.

– We have an opportunity to consider one more lap. We definitely do not want something to be seen as product placement. I’m thinking right now of whether to have their say so or not. It is possible that we make a omklippning on it, says Petter Bragée.

Later, he announces that the section will be adjusted.

“We are making a few small adjustments to avoid any can be perceived as favoritism, “writes Petter Bragée in a text message.


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