Sunday, January 31, 2016

The channels will be closed down – 800 000 customers are affected – Aftonbladet

It was not a new agreement between Telenor and Discovery Networks.

Now extinguished Channel 5 and many other channels down 800 000 households.

“Right now, we must not broadcast this channel for Discovery Networks, which owns it. We really regret this. Discovery wants to increase the price drastically and we are negotiating now for you to get back channel as quickly as possible and to keep your price down. “

The message reached now 800,000 Swedish households by about they try to turn on Channel 5.

Norwegian Telenor, which owns Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital, and Discovery Networks has been in intense negotiations over the weekend. The previous agreement between the parties expired at the end of the year, but was extended for one month .

While Viasat customers suffer

At midnight extinguished because multiple channels down Bredbandsbolaget’s and Canal Digital’s customers.

– Discovery remains adamantly sticking to their demands, but our efforts to get them to meet us continue with unchanged intensity, so that our customers could soon see the channels again without their prices increase too much, says Jonas Jegerborn, director of Bredbandsbolaget, in a press release.

– I deplore the intolerable situation created, but we have stretched us very far in our offer to Discovery, especially for the channels our customers watch most, which they turned down.

Although the Viasat customers suffer the altercation, they write on their web site:

“Viasat’s customers are affected, unfortunately, of the ongoing conflict between Telenor and Discovery Networks. This means that Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD lacking in your choice to continue. Our hope is obvious that the parties reach a solution soon, so that our customers can watch on Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD again. “

” Sad to viewers pinched “

“Telenor announced on Sunday evening that the company is not interested in negotiating, and at midnight they turn the Discovery Networks all channels,” writes Discovery Networks in a press release.

– It is sad that viewers completely innocently get caught in this, and we fully understand that this situation creates frustration. Many have been looking forward to the premieres of Ninja Warrior Sweden, Sofia Angels, Bandy World Championships which starts right now, the continuation of Ullared and Angry carpenter VIP and many other programs and the program starts at our channels in the coming weeks. We will continue to work hard for a solution for our viewers’ sake, says Jonas Sjögren, CEO of Discovery Networks in the press release.

Dan Panas, press officer for Discovery Networks, said earlier tonight to Aftonbladet that they require a reasonable compensation.

– All we want is that the remuneration Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital pay to us to be at the same level as the compensation all other distributors pay.

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Outraged viewers

Several angry viewers have been in touch with Bredbandsbolaget on Facebook.

“Thank you very much! Good work. From now on, I do not pay a penny more to you “ and ” There goes number five in the middle of Criminal Minds. I really hope that you can handle this and it is fast. How can you even let it go so far that your customers suffer? “ are two of the comments.

” * poof! * Gone! I will miss the Ellen DeGeneres show tomorrow “, is a commentary on Channel 5′s Facebook page.

The channels is switched off, Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport, Animal Planet with more.


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