Friday, January 29, 2016

Soon the premiere of the “Yarden” at the Film Festival – Swedish Radio

On Friday opens the Gothenburg Film Festival, where 500 films will be shown for eleven days. First up is the film Yarden.

During the festival, the focus is on including Nigerian movie, or Nollywood as the scene is sometimes called, but also on TV series . The latter one taken over from film festivals in Toronto and Berlin. As usual, it is also a strong Nordic theme and many of the Nordic films are shown for the first time.

One of them is Måns Månsson’s Yarden, based on the book by Kristian Lundberg, who also opens the festival . Yarden is a story about how Kristian Lundberg no longer able to support themselves as cultural workers and forced to work as day laborers in Malmö’s port on the cold and often ruthless relocation spot yard.

– Suddenly, there is a huge hub for Japanese and Korean lyxsuvar as for purely technical reasons, omparkeras, then how the site then unfolds into something inverted prison / Fort Knox where the absolute lowest standing labor somewhere must provide those billions that are lined up in almost graveyard-like formations. So there was a foundation there that I felt was incredible visual and dreamy and that had the potential to be a really good movie, says director Måns Månsson.

Yarden now open Göteborg Film Festival and is one of the attractions which is a right radical difference from last year when his films were only seen by 24 people at the festival. Just to reach out to the audience is something Måns Månsson see as important film festivals.

– The important thing is that the films must meet an audience. The problem is that the film festival is the only chance to see many of the films made today. Film festivals have been increasing and it is well also because it has become more.

But film festivals are important not only for feature films but also documentaries and short films. In Gothenburg Film Festival’s Short Film prize Startsladden this year Joanna Rytels movie “VAT on Fire” was nominated.

It is an animated, however, the film about two pregnant moms who are hot, infidels, bored and do not want anything more than to avoid becoming a mother again.

– I felt myself in my personal life that I wanted to defy motherhood. I was living some kind of double life. One day maybe I was out partying and came home at seven in the morning and the next day I was a mother. I had a bad conscience; “I get to do like this” “Oh god, I’m so poor and so tired again.” Then I thought, what would my daughter’s father feel? He would walk around and have a bad conscience? So I felt, no man he’s never a bad conscience. Still, he is told that is a great dad, but I never hear that I’m a great mom, says Joanna Rytel.

Yarden premieres 17:30 on the stages Drakensberg and the Great Theatre. VAT on Fire appears first on Sunday at 15.00 also on the Dragon.


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