Thursday, January 21, 2016

Michael Caine’s other youth – Sydsvenskan

– Many people wonder why I was in a movie like “Jaws IV”. Why not? It gave me a new house, he said.

In the “Youth” playing he is a famous conductor who brought in at a luxurious spa in the Swiss Alps. As societies have the conductor’s daughter (Rachel Weisz) and a director (Harvey Keitel). He has said that he will never be direct, but receives a tempting offer from the British court. While he was mulling over this brooding, he and his friend the director of the youth and the aging.

In one scene, they sit both in a hot pool when a nude beautiful woman climb into it, and the two older men facial expressions are priceless. The scene is the film’s poster.

– Paolo had said she would go into the pool, but he had not said that she would be naked. So the expression on our faces are completely genuine, says Caine.

He has no plans to retire.

– There are movies that retires you. Suddenly one day you will no longer have any great script, it’s just desperate people who contact you, or you get offers like there is no money in that it is worth getting up in the morning.

Though the way and the way he retired when he turned 60, he says.

– I had come to the stage where I am no longer got the girl, I got roles as father instead. So I knew that my days as a film star was over. I worked not in years.

– Then I had a good friend, who directed a movie and wondered if I did not want to be with. And it was fun, and then I made “Little Voice” and won an Oscar for “The Cider House Rules,” and so I had a second career.


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