Monday, January 18, 2016

Lassgård criticizes the speech was interrupted – Aftonbladet

He was “the Year male actor” on Guldbaggegalan.

Now, says Rolf Lassgård the music went off during the “audience award” -tacktalet.

– I think this is very strange, says the actor.

The winner of the “audience award” became “A man named Ove”, a price that audiences themselves appointed by a vote in January. The actor Rolf Lassgård , 60, says now that the acceptance speech was interrupted by the music.

– The funny thing was that they did it during biopublikenspris. I think this is very strange, he says.

Rolf Lassgård mean he got to speak further when he received the award for “Best male role”, also “A man named Ove”.

– I know the rules are such that after one minute and fifteen seconds, they conclude. But I think I was doing anymore. Then it is sad that audience award will suffer. It is they who we must reach, which will be the film to. This we evaluate tomorrow, he said.

“The audience has longed”

According to Rolf Lassgård there are preconceptions about the movies.

– Now received for the first time have an audience film many nominations. Already it was a step in the right direction, maybe you get used to it and maybe it can be taken a step further. Let us bridge the artificial gap between the cultural elite films and films that people want to go see, he says.

Rolf Lassgård believes that “A man named Ove” was worthy of more Guldbagge.

– I personally think that we should have had more prizes, he says.

“I’ll call and wake him up”

The film’s director Hannes Holm , 53, is in India for a movie . He had booked the flight ticket to Sweden to attend Guldbaggegalan but because of the circumstances at the place he never came in the way.

– Hannes is far away and I do not know the time difference. But fuck it. I’ll call and wake him up.

And continues.

– I’m so happy, happy and proud, he said.

Here is the gala all winners

Best Film: Magnus Von Horn – “Aftershocks”

Best director: Magnus von Horn – “Aftershocks”

Best Actress: Malin Levanon – ” Thief Honor “

Best Actor: Rolf Lassgård -” A man named Ove “

Best Supporting Actress: Eva Melander – “The Herd”

Best Supporting Actor: Mats Blomgren – “Aftershocks”

Best Script: Peter Grönlund – “Thief Honors “

This year’s honorary ram: Birgitta Andersson

Best Documentary: Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty -” repository “

Best Short Film: David Sandberg – “King Fury”

Best sound: Andreas Franck – “Jönssonligan – the perfect heist”

Best foreign film: Andrey Zvyagintsev – “Leviathan”

Top Clips: Kristofer Nordin – “Thief Honor”

Best set design: Kajsa Severin – “Thief Honor”

Top makeup / mask: Eva von Bahr and Love Larson – “A man named Ove”

Best visual effects: Torbjörn Olsson, Fredrik Pihl, Robert Södergren and Joel Sundberg – “Lasse-Maja’s Detective Agency – Stella Nostra”

Top Costume: Mia Andersson – “Thief Honor”

Best original music: Lisa Holmqvist – “Flock”

Gull scepter in 2015: Childrens School of Fine Arts

Newcomer of the year: Bianca Kronlöf

Top photo: Gosta Reiland – “Flock”

audience award: “A man named Ove”


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