Friday, January 22, 2016

Niklas Strömstedt – a brilliant butter singer – Expressen

One can summarize a nearly four-decades-long pop career in many ways.

Niklas Strömstedt makes it shrewdly in his new show.

He chooses the golden medley way.

“Megalomania” is a show that includes more medley than a simmästerskap.

Strömstedt dives into a direct , in the opening number – an EDM Sparkling mashup of some of his greatest hits (which reappears later, in more fidelity versions).

“Nikolas Maximus” fry house in the Roman war regalia. He had been dodging the rotten tomatoes if the arena has been Summerburst, but in this context work the caper.

“He’s so cozy,” as a female acquaintance whispers a bit into the show.

Niklas Strömstedt is a mysfarbror

Just cosiness, there is exactly zero percent doubt. Niklas Strömstedt is a mysfarbror with a sort of mischievous boy charm that keeps the night through. That is forgiving when a “quarrel” with “Jenny Östergren” (played by talented sidekick Rachel Wärmländer) becomes kind of slapstick monologue about dejtingappen Tinder. That makes pop songs like “If”, “Girls talk about love” and “Unbeatable” is all right, even though they feel about as modern as a MiniDisc player.

Strömstedt is the opposite of a poseur, and there are something disarming in his smånördiga relation to pop music. The melodies have always been the main thing, and his musicians (“Lyckobandet”, led by “Thank you for the music” -bekanta conductor Ola Gustafsson) summarizes the whole point.

Niklas Strömstedt enjoyment evening

The relaxed framing rings in a relaxed enjoyment evening, and Strömstedt many medley – a total of four – makes the energy remains even though it is unusual number of ballads for a dinner show.

It is also Strömstedt soft, romantic printers who are the musical balance. “A woman and a man,” “The last morning,” “Wherever you go,” “Tomorrow is another day” and “Lost Again” is a fancy number in varied arrangement.

Not that fire on megalomania, but he is a brilliant butter singer.


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