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This is Stefan Sauks dared love Flirt – Expressen

For years, he wondered how her love life looks like.

“Stars in the Castle” reveals Stefan Sauk their interest Marika Lagercrantz.

– Wow, this is an amazing woman, he said.

During the season finale of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” ask the stars Marika Lagercrantz about the yummy details.

– Can you tell us about love, says Amanda Ooms.

– Eroticism, I want to hear, says Claire Wikholm.

Then wake Stefan Sauk to life and gives its interest for the actor to feel.

– The times we have had points of contact over the years, I have felt like this, you Marika, how is it, are you … Yes, as . Do you have the same one still? You feel like this, wow, this is an amazing woman. How do you live? Does such freedom?

Flirting in “Stars in the Castle”

Stefan Sauks question is answered by Marika Lagercrantz with a kiss, the other amazed.

– Stefan told me that he had been lit on Marika. He was asked whether she was free or not free. My Gossip heart rippled merrily, says Claire Wikholm in the program.

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But yes, Marika Lagercrantz is busy. Happily married to actor Peter Bergared.

– I usually say that I’m really married, she says.

Even so, she reveals that she pretty frequent falls in love with her colleagues.

– Flirting at work, if you could still be such. I fall in love with me totally. It’s terrible, she says and continues:

– When I directs, my protagonist. Plays almost no matter if it is a man or a woman, I become completely betuttad.

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Marika Lagercrantz Group: “Seductive”

It was so Marika Lagercrantz met her husband, she says in “Stars in the Castle”.

– This is where the theater, it is seductively when to play the love partner with all of these wonderful men, and that I would do with Peter then.

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