Friday, January 15, 2016

Sauk: Are preconceived notions about me – Aftonbladet

He heard himself called consuming, damn annoying and cumbersome.

“Stars in the Castle” reveals Stefan Sauk rumors cost him several jobs.

– There are a lot of preconceived notions about me, he says.

“Stars in the Castle” says Stefan Sauk 60, he won the prize for best male musical artist when he starred in “Miss Saigon” at Gota Lejon in 1998. But then it was slutsjunget: there were no more musical roles, no more directors approached him.

– Although I won the Golden Mask and was so talented. What have I done wrong? says the actor in “Stars in the Castle”.

He says there’s a rumor that he would be difficult to deal with. Nöjesbladet he says that a director first offered him a role, but then called back a week later and took back the offer.

– There’s many years ago now. He was honest and said: “Yes, I heard that you are so awkward.” This is not possible, I thought, says Stefan Sauk.

Stars in the Castle Sauk broke down the LateRooms story

Ville seem difficult

Self he does not know where the rumors come from. But he says he is the beginning of his professional life cultivated a myth about being a young, difficult actor.

– it might have Brando as the household gods when you went to the theater college, and it tried to live up to him. Then we are extremely afraid of plain language in Sweden.

Is it from the rumors going?

– It could probably be that I say what I think. Being straight is to take responsibility for their own work, says Stefan Sauk.

Does the macho mask

And the tough attitude fit in this week’s episode of “Stars in the Castle”.

Karate training and self-made fermented herring are some of the milestones in Stefan Sauks day. But he also shows a much softer side of the macho man Sauk. Behind the mask is a “super sensitive pytting” as he puts it.

– I’m a hyper-sensitive person, I cry for nothing. There is no bastard who believe, but there it is, says Stefan Sauk in the program.

He says if parents skilsmässobråk, the lonely childhood and the love of the daughter Promise .


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