Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The film director Ettore Scola’s death – Aftonbladet

One of cinema’s truly great has pulled back the curtain.

Ettore Scola, 84, left the life behind the camera yesterday.

– For Me he made the best film, tells Aftonbladet critic Jan-Olov Andersson.

Ettore Scola was an icon of the Italian film industry, and one of the truly great directors even in a global perspective – nominated for five Oscars and the Golden Globe in hand for “A Special Day” 1978th ​​

For over 40 years he belonged to Italy’s top directors – a peer to Fellini, Bertolucci, Visconti and Vittorio de Sica.

– For me, he made the best film, “We loved each other very much” in 1974, says Jan-Olov Andersson.

– It is the perfect romantic comedy. The film is set for 30 years from World War II onwards. The three men, who all love and are connected with the same woman in different time periods, one gets while a story on Italy’s development during the same period. A fantastic movie.

Ettore Scola scored more classics: “Ugly dirty and nasty” (1976), was a raw, funny and extremely well-acted film about Italy’s poorest. In “A Special Day” he let fascist wife Sophia Loren meet a gay neighbor (Marcello Mastroianni) in a chamber play only curtains stöveltrampen on the streets below.

In 2013, Jan-Olov Andersson hit Ettora Scola, then 82nd

– It was at the Venice festival, with what he had already decided would be his last film, the Swedish well about had been called “How strange to be named Federico: Scola explains Fellini”. It was a magical tribute to his director colleague Federico Fellini .

– When I then told him that he had done all-time best movie “We loved …” said Scola There are many better films. You’re exaggerating just to make an old man happy. Though he looked quite happy, for real, says Jan-Olov Andersson.

Ettore Scola was born in trevico in Italy May 10, 1931 and passed away in Rome last night. He made a total of 39 films.


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