Saturday, January 30, 2016

Makode Linde stir among prejudices – Swedish Radio

It began with the first title “The Negro king’s return” was not allowed to spread outside the exhibition space. Then the discussion up to today’s opening of Makode Linde at the Culture City Theatre has been loaded. Can I leave the discussion of questions of identity and the N-word and just see this as an art exhibition?

You can expect to be filmed said it before enters Makode Linde universe. And if you want to remain anonymous, offered a brown paper bag or a balaclava ie balaclava decorated with blackface motifs to pull over. It is sweaty and hot. It is a bit like giving out a minefield where every comment, look, matter can land so wrong. Only the choice of headgear is already difficult.

The first thing that greets is a small robot vacuum cleaner that moves in a white corridor. It has got a black exterior with wide eyes as antennas out of the head. And a little confused buzz it around and clean up after us. The road is lined last of a series of closed doors with notes on: Closed due violated, closed because of bad humor, because of the policy. Small comments on that late coming. A large door mat cut out for Africa’s contours. Welcome. And then a step in through a jättegap with an Egyptian dog guarding the entrance.

It’s like Alice in Wonderland , but with different content. It is dark, with flouriscerande colors. Here are crowded almost all the stereotypes about Africa. Western culture’s repressed eyesores. A forbidden landscape that can not be checked by a more gracefully superego. And where one of the strengths of this presentation is the underlying duplicitous humor. Because sometimes the laughter stuck in a grimace. For perhaps it is not ok to laugh? Not even for a chokladboll demonstrating the sign “Stop offend me.” And amid all additionally an African village, where the wallpaper in the houses, Africa Motives and then the huge kingdom, which was next to the fairy-tale character Little Heart’s tombstone.

Uncut and untidy. and actually unfinished. For a major part of the exhibition is also the visitors. As a performance that just going in there and that will certainly change depending on the visitors, the timing and the discussions that will occur. An open game plan simply that not even Makode Linde is able to steer.

Makode Linde exhibition Culture City Theatre in Stockholm under way until April 24.


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