Thursday, January 14, 2016

Petra Brylander new head of the Uppsala City Theatre – Swedish Radio

The head of the Malmö City Theatre, Petra Brylander, ends and becomes the new head of Uppsala City Theatre after Linus Tunström

– I have heard of this theater for 15 years, now I have the opportunity to move to another city. It is challenging and exciting.

Petra Brylander began as an actor at the Malmö City Theatre, where she became director in 2007. Until 2014, she shared as head of the Jesper Larsson, and then she has led the theater alone. Now she leaves a town theater to become head of another that is almost exactly the same size.

– On the surface, it is a fact. But it’s two completely different cities. Uppsala is a university located from commuting to Stockholm and Malmö is the regional capital. Much of the local support that we’ve been working with here is completely different in Uppsala. Additionally, Uppsala no dance theater and no opera, so the place might make demands on their town theater to embrace other arts.

You will see more opportunities To do musicals and dance performances?
– Yes, absolutely.

You’ve been sitting since 2007, have you sitting too long?
No, I do not think so. I think the years passed with lightning speed and we have worked hard to develop the theater. But I think you should change the leadership of an artistic institution, I think everyone agrees with.

Has creativity run out now?
– No, creativity does not end, but I think I have stretched, tested and challenged the audience, the ensemble, the scenes and the facilities to the maximum. I have been able to do until 2018, but then, I had not continued. Then it had taken eleven years, and then it had certainly been time to change.

Petra Brylander says that she used in her fantasy has meant that when she ending as head so she could go back and be an actor in the ensemble again. But realized that it would not go.

– You can not have the old boss in the dressing room corridor when the new boss should sit here.

One of the things that you set out to you when you first started was to start Young theater. It has also done, but not to anywhere near the resources that you were hoping for. Do not stop without completing acquisitions?

– As a manager you are always eager and want everything to happen at once. I still think that we have come very far with Young theater, and I am delighted that we received so much support from the City of Malmö to start and it has given emphasis this. I hope and expect that my successor will take over the baton and continue working.

Petra Brylander ends for the summer, but the repertoire for next season 2016/2017 has she already planned. The Board will now begin recruiting her successor. She has no opinions about what kind of person it should be. However, she thinks that it is perfectly possible to lead the theater on a person, which of course she has done since 2014 when Jesper Larsson ended.

– I have had the opportunity to make the organization and we have recruited a new producer. There is nothing here that makes me long away.


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