Sunday, January 17, 2016

Carina Jaarnek is dead – she was 53 years – Expressen

Dance Band Singer Carina Jaarnek is dead. She was 53 years old.

She suffered a stroke at home on Saturday night.

– This came without warning. Without warning, says her husband Niels Kvist Borg.

Dance Band Singer Carina Jaarnek – also known as China Jaarnek – died early on Sunday morning, which Aftonbladet has also been reported.

Carina Jaarneks husband Niels Kvist Borg says that the beloved singer suffered a stroke at home in his apartment on Saturday evening.

– She had just been visiting his oldest daughter. She caught just inside the door. She fell to the floor and then she was gone, says Niels Kvist Borg.

There was no evidence to suggest that Jaarnek had health problems. The last time she and her husband planned to go on holiday in the sun this summer.

– This came without warning. Without warning, says her husband Niels Kvist Borg.

Carina Jaarnek was transferred to the South Hospital in Stockholm, but the aftereffects of cerebral bleeding was too severe. Early Sunday morning the family got the news.

– It was between the hours of 5 and 6. Then they came running to us and said we had to get into the room. Then, the blood pressure dropped, says the husband continues:

– I got to see her. It looked like she was sleeping. With peace in the face, really fine.

– It’s chilly. There is now empty of life. We all care for each other.

Jaarnek broke through in the 1970s and took part in Eurovision in both 1994 and 2002. She has had several songs by the Swedish charts and played for many years in his own dance band Carissa Jaarneks .

Along with Elvis Presley’s musicians, she recorded the album “A Tribute to Elvis” in the classic, traditional Sun Studio in Memphis. The collaboration went beyond expectations and singer continued cooperation with the Americans.

Passion for the music she had as a common denominator with his younger sister Towe Jaarnek which is also known singers.


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