Sunday, January 24, 2016

They went to New York for Springsteen – who set up – Aftonbladet

Pierre Berg, 49, and his son Alexander Skoog, 26, is in New York to see Bruce Springsteen. But the blizzard “Jonas” has forced the boss to set.

Pierre bought concert tickets for 7300 crowns – as a birthday gift to his son.

– It’s no good, he said.

This evening was Bruce Springsteen have played at Madison Square Garden. But the storm “Jonas” forcing him to set up the concert. Nearly 7 inches of snow has fallen in Central Park – in less than a day.

“@ TheGarden andSpringsteen must set tomorrow’s gig because of a travel ban in the three states for security reasons,” announced Springsteen’s official twitter account in the night.

“The reason we came here”

Pierre Berg and his son Alexander Skoog from Värmland was reached recently in the news when they woke up at their hotel in New York.

– It’s no good, the concert was the reason we came here, says Per Bergman.

– Alexander’s birthday yesterday. He got this as a birthday present.

Both father and son are dedicated Bruce fans. Pierre has been on 12 or 13 concerts earlier and Alexander 5 or 6.

“Is disappointed”

Pierre bought tickets to the concert at a retail site.

– I had to give $ 852 for two, and they cost 105 pieces really. I find it hard to imagine that I get it back. It is a little hard.

Was it worth to go to New York anyway?

– Well, one is disappointed of course. But I have not entirely given up hope yet. On the page it said that the concert was postponed, but there is no date yet. So we do have a chance, we go home on Friday.

It would be hard to go home without seeing him. Especially also if we do not get the money back. I thought it was a bit expensive by 7 300 for two tickets, but then I figured what the hell. It is not certain that he is so long. He begins the getting old.


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