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Fredrik Kempe ready for new “Idol” -juryn 2016 – Expressen

Today at 10.30 will TV4 to present the new Idol jury.

It’s in a press release that channel invites you to a flash summoned press conference – to reveal the jurors in the popular program.

Fredrik Kempe is the first juror to be presented in the “News Morning”.

Here is the full jury.

Before the last season of Idol celebrated the program ten years. Even then it was clear that the season would be the last for the jury by Anders Bagge, Laila Bagge and Alexander Bard.

As Expressen have previously written, it was Anders Bagge was the biggest reason for the trio’s defection.

– We wish to inform you that we worked on “Idol,” Anders and I since 2008, and Alexander since 2011. But we have decided that this year will be our last. This is our farewell tour, told Laila during a press conference in the spring to Expressen.

Since then, it has been raised in obscurity who should replace the jury for a new season.

But now, announces Thus, TV4, in a press release issued early on Tuesday morning, they call for a flash summoned a press conference to reveal the new members.

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Fredrik Kempe ready for “Idol” -juryn 2016

Just before 10 o’clock revealed, however, TV4, Fredrik Kempe is one of the new members of the jury.

It was the TV4 profile Henrik Alsterdal as uploaded the first picture of Fredrik Kempe on Instagram. However, the jury member’s face hidden.

“TV4 building boil with anticipation! At 10:30 precisely presented the new Idol jury secrecy and is enormously! One of the jurors revealed already 9:45 in the morning news and then sits with in our live broadcast on TV4 play! Do not miss out! “he wrote on Tuesday morning.

In Nyhetsmorgon says Fredrik Kempe, it has been clear for a long time.

– It feels Good. I’ve known about this for quite some time although it has been a secret for a while.

Fredrik Kempe was in Washington when he got the call from a colleague.

– The colleague inquired little if I at all was playable. Yes, of course I said, “fill my bank of knowledge about what it is about.”

After several calls from TV4 and production company Fremantle went Fredrik Kempe to Stockholm and made the test auditions.

– The was great fun.

Fredrik Kempe says he’ll try to treat everyone looking for Idol as he treats his artists.

– I’ll try to be constructive and not bully people on the way one might expect of an Idol judge. I’ll try to see the positive.


Big names

The channel has already announced that they want to have famous names of the jury, while there should be people who have a great experience in the music industry.

During the ten years that have passed, the jury has changed shape several times. In the premiere season consisted of Peter Swartling, Kishti Tomita, Daniel Breitholtz and Claes af Geijerstam.

In 2008, Laila Bagge and Anders Bagge into the picture, along with songwriter Andreas Carlsson.

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They held high the banner happen until 2011, when even Pelle Lindel came in among the jurors, then replaced by Alexander Bard following year.

The text is updated.

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